East Brent Parish Council

Burial Grounds

East Brent Cemetery

The Cemetery is managed and maintained by The Parish Council.  Responsibility for The Cemetery remains with the full council, however, day to day management has been delegated to The Cemetery Committee.  Contact details can be found on the Committees page.

For information regarding Burials and Interments please contact the Parish Clerk,

Mr Jim Murray, on :- Daytime 01278 450406. Evening & Weekends 01278 722577 or Email theclerk@eastbrentparishcouncil.org.uk


East Brent Churchyard

The churchyard in East Brent is closed.  The churchyard is maintained by the council of the Ecclesiastical Parish, the Parochial Church Council (NOT the civil parish council).  The Ecclesiastical Parishes of East Brent, Brent Knoll and Lympsham have now been combined to form one Ecclesiastical Parish under the direction of one Parochial Church Council.  The Churchyard is maintained with a grant from Sedgemoor District Council.

The Churchyard remains under the control of Rev. Kevin Wright as incumbent subject to the overriding control of the Consistory Court.   No change can lawfully be made without a faculty granted by the Court.   Faculties can only be issued for proposals which are consistent with the sacred nature of consecrated burial ground.

It may be possible for an existing grave to be reopened in order to bury a loved one in the grave of a family member, where provision was made for this at the time of the original burial.  This exception will only normally be considered for those whose relatives are buried in graves where there is space available for surviving relatives, or those who have reserved a grave space under a faculty.







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