East Brent Parish Council



The work of the parish council is funded via your council tax.  Each year the Parish Council sets a precept based on a band D property.  Bands A to H are calculated as a percentage of band D.


The Parish Councillors give their time on a voluntary basis.  This enables the work of the Council to be carried out.

Details of spending authorised on a monthly basis can be found in the council minutes under financial matters.

Financial Documents

Document Link
For Financial statements prior to 2015/16, please contact The Parish Clerk.  
Section 2. Accounting Statement 2015/16
Section 2. Accounting Satement 2016/17
Section 2 Acounting Statement 2017/18
Section 1 Annual Govenance Statement 2018/19
Audit for 2019/20

1. Annual Governance Statement 2020/21
2. Internal Audit Report 2020/21
3. Accounting Statement 2020/21
4. Public Inspection Notice.
5. Certificate of Exemption.
6. East Brent Transparency Payments 2020/21.




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