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Our Objective in designing this website was twofold.  Firstly The Parish Council wanted to create a website that informed all parishioners and interested parties of the work of the council and to make more readily available public documents which had previously only been available as hard copies upon request.

Secondly, we wanted to create a wider community site where organisations within the parish could also provide information about the work that they undertake.  We hope that this section of the website will grow and provide feedback to the parish council and inform future decisions to be made.

We also hope that organisations within the parish will find it a useful resource to  enable them to broadcast the voluntary work that they are undertaking within the community.

If you would like your village organisation to be included within the website please email webadmin@eastbrentparishcounil.org.uk

The website was created under the direction of a sub committee of The Parish Council, I should like to thank the committee for their hard work in creating what I hope parishioners will find a useful resource.

All parishioners in the villages of East Brent, Rooksbridge and Edingworth are stakeholders in our community and we would welcome comments on how we can improve the website.

Please email The Clerk at theclerk@eastbrentparishcouncil.org.uk with any feedback that you might have.

I do hope that you find our website helpfull and informative.  

Chairman, East Brent Parish Council.

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09 Sep 2020

Vacancy for an East Brent Parish Councillor.

03 Feb 2021

SWP Briefing: Garden waste collections suspended for six weeks

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29 Jul 2021

Index of Notices


1. Index of Notices

2. Parish Council Meetings During the Coronavirus Emergency.

3. Parish of East Brent. Notice of Vacancy In The Office of Parish Councillor.

4. Coronavirus Community Advice - Help Protect Yourself & Others.

5. Briefing About Changes to Health Services as a Result of Responses to Covid-19.

6. Community Public Access Defibrillators.

7. What does Sedgemoor District Council do for you?

8. Lendology??


02 Apr 2020

2. Parish Council Meetings During the Coronavirus Emergency

During the continuing Coronavirus Emergency all Parish Council meetings from September 2020 will be carried out using Zoom conferencing facilities. This is to enable Social Distancing and to reduce unessential travel.

If any Parishioner has any PLANNING APPLICATION comments to make, please make them by email DIRECT to Sedgemoor District Council Planning Dept.

If you have any comments on the remaining agenda items, please email:

The Clerk, Mr Jim Murray on:            theclerk@eastbrentparishcouncil.org.uk

These procedures will be in place for the immediate future.

26 Mar 2020

3. Parish of East Brent - Notice of Vacancy in the Office of Parish Councillor

If you have an interest in the way that your local Community is run, have you ever considered being a Parish Councillor? If so, click on the Icon for information on how to apply:                

11 Mar 2020

4. Corona Virus Community Pack - Help Protect yourself & others

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20 Mar 2020

5. Briefing about changes to health services as a result of response to COVID19.

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02 Apr 2020

6. Community Public Access Defibrillators.

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26 Feb 2019

7. What does Sedgemoor District Council do for you?

For further information please click on the Icon: 

13 May 2021

8. Lendology??

As we are gradually coming out of pandemic measures; meeting up with friends and families, we may find that households could be struggling financially with more things on which to spend our money.  With so many hours spent at home, it has easy to spot all those ‘little’ jobs that need doing around the house, but money could be tight.  That is where Lendology and Sedgemoor District Council could help.  We provide low interest loans to help homeowners to undertake essential repairs to their home.


Whilst the spring and summer are still in front of us, it pays to plan ahead.  Keeping homes safe, warm and ready for autumn and winter is key to good health across Sedgemoor.  A loan from Lendology can ensure homes are fully prepared cold and wet weather – be it repairing a leaky roof, funding an efficient heating system, fitting good insulation to keep bills down, or ensuring electrics are safe and up-to-date.  There are a variety of home repairs and improvements covered under the scheme. 


A recent Sedgemoor homeowner who received a loan funded by Sedgemoor District Council and delivered by Lendology CIC said: “Everything from the initial survey to the communication and help we have received has been excellent”.


If you need to repair your home, it couldn’t be simpler to apply for a home improvement loan.   Just contact the team at Lendology direct on 01823 461099 or visit their website www.lendology.org.uk


22 May 2021
Joseph’s Pound Children's Play Area, Rooksbridge
In 2016 the East Brent Parish Council opened a new play area, off of Pill Road, for all of the children of Rooksbridge. The Parish Council is delighted to announce that the more equipment has now been installed which includes swings and rides for younger children. The Parish Council would like to stress however, that the equipment and area is for the enjoyment of ALL children.
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Council subsidised loans to homeowners and landlords for essential home repairs
Sedgemoor District Council fund a loan scheme for homeowners and landlords for essential home repairs and improvements?*
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Our Parish Rights of Way
A note from our Parish Path Liaison Officer
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