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Village Hall

Ownership of The Village Hall

The Village hall is held in trust, by a trust deed dated 14 January 1977 for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish of East Brent.

The Village Hall - East Brent is a charity registered in England and Wales, number 269419. The members of the Management  Committee are the Trustees of The Village Hall - East Brent.

The Parish Council acts as Custodian Trustees for the purposes of holding the legal title to the land and property on behalf of  The Village - East Brent.

The duties, powers and responsibility of the Village Hall, remain with the members of the The Village Hall Management Committee as Trustees of the Village Hall - East Brent acting on behalf of the charity and within the terms of the Trust Deed.

 Enquires and Bookings

 Enquiries and Booking can be made through the booking clerk: Mrs Betty Griffin. Telephone 01278 760 754 




BOOKING                         CHARGE (per Session)
Standard Session Rate  
Main Hall                 £27.00
Grace Hudson Room                 £10.00
Concessionary Rates for Committee represented groups  
Main Hall                 £18.00
Grace Hudson Room                 £8.00
Other Standard Rates                 Other
Main Hall - per Hour                 £9.00
Main Hall - Half Day (up to 6 hours)                 £45.00
Main Hall - All Day (more than 2 sessions)                 £75.00
Grace Hudson Room - Half Day (up to 6 hours)                 £15.00
Grace Hudson Room - All Day (over 6 hours)                 £25.00
Use of Cooker                 £6.00
Deposit - Parties & Discos                 £200.00
Minimum Charge for Main Hall                 £9.00
9am - 1pm  
1pm - 6pm  
6pm - Midnight  


























About The Village Hall

 More details of the village hall will be included within the community section of this website, at the following links.

East Brent Village Hall

East Brent Village Hall Management Committee