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Village Green

The Village Green and Play Area opposite Church Road is owned and maintained by Sedgemoor District Council.

This area on Brent Road was back in the early 1990’s still part of the farm land around Red House Farm. The original farm house stands today to the rear of the green.

Then in the mid 90’s Red House Farm sold an amount of surrounding farm land for the Red House Road housing development and as part of the development what is now the Village Green was formed.

It has both an open area which is used for events and has some football posts, there is also an enclosed section with swings and other children's' play equipment.

Various events, such as Fetes and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee have been held on the green.

The Parish Council are aware of the benefits that a good outside area can offer to both children playing and for community events. Therefore, the Council continue to explore how the Village Green can be improved.



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