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Our Parish Rights of Way

Our Rights of Way As you may (or not) know I am the ‘Parish Path Liaison Officer’ for East Brent. What this means is that I walk the network of public footpaths in the Parish reporting problems and issues. I also endeavour to clear vegetation from around signage and bridges and the odd stray bramble from the pathway I also receive calls reporting challenges on a particular path. If it’s a fault report needed or a referral to the County Council’s Rights of Way...


Strange Road Markings in Church Road

Strange Road Markings in Church Road   The Drainage Board are proposing to install a new culvert (500mm diameter storm water drain) within Church Road to help reduce localised flooding caused by the rapid water runoff from the Knoll during extreme rainfall events.   The eight week contract for works is proposed to start on the 25th July to mainly coincide with the school holidays and restricted to a 6 metre working length at anyone time to help minimise disruption.  


Hinkley Point C Connection - Ground Surveys in East Brent Parish

Hinkley C Connection – Ground Surveys in East Brent Parish. An extract from a letter received by the Parish Clerk from the National Grid Community Relations Team: Over the past six years we have carried out numerous surveys and tests along the proposed route of the Hinkley Point C Connection, which have provided important information about the environment and ecology of the area.  As we set out in our DCO application, we now need to carry out further surveys and tests, which...


Problems with a Footpath?

East Brent Parish Path Liaison Officer. If you see or have a problem with a footpath or fixture please contact:            Marion Cuthbert on 01934 750714, or one of your local Parish Councillors.  


A38 Temporary Road Closure

SOMERSET COUNTY COUNCIL DISTRICT OF SEDGEMOOR PARISH OF EAST BRENT Temporary Closure of Bristol Road TAKE NOTICE that in pursuance of Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984, as amended by the Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Act 1991, the County Council of Somerset propose to make an Order PROHIBITING ALL TRAFFIC from proceeding along Bristol Road from 620 metres west of the junction with Mendip Road westwards, for a distance of 200 metres. This order will...


Changes to the Floodline telephone number

Changes to the Floodline telephone number From November 2014, the telephone number for the Environment Agency’s Floodline service will be 0345 988 1188. Floodline is a telephone service that provides a reliable source of current information on river and coastal flood risk across the country. As well as having recorded information on warnings that are in force, advisors give advice on how to prepare for flooding, check property risk and manage customer flood warning registrations.   In...


East Brent Parish Magazine

From November 1st 2014, there will be a new parish magazine and it will come under the auspices of the Parish Council. It is intended to publish 10 editions per year, with double month editions for December/January and July/August. This magazine will be delivered free of charge to all households in the Parish - these deliveries will be by a team of volunteers All clubs and non-profit making organisations within the Parish are invited to send content for free of charge inclusion.  Busineses...


Broadband -Connecting Devon & Somerset

Connecting Devon and Somerset has a new website with a new map. The map will probably be the focus of most attention as it contains more detail than previously available including the locations of the final 10%. More details of the new map are in the briefing.   The web address remains the same, www.connectingdevonandsomerset.co.uk   Members Briefing July 30th 2014   Progress update: Connecting Devon and Somerset   Latest...


Flooding Advice From an Insurance Company

The floods are here and no end seems to be in sight. While it may not always be possible to eliminate the risk of flooding altogether, many practical steps can be taken to reduce the risk of flood damage and assist with recovery times. The following guidance provides some simple practical measures that can be taken to mitigate the flood risk and subsequent damage.  Factors to consider Even though you may not have been affected so far, it is still important to assess the likelihood...


Flood Relief Special Newsletter -February 2014



Somerset Emergency Flood Relief Grants Programme



Somerset Community Foundation


Flooding Advice from the Environment Agency

There is general advice on what to do if you are faced with the prospect of flooding enclosed in the attached leaflet from the Environment Agency.


Defribrillator Update - November 2013

Great News !!!!!! The first defribrillator, purchased with money donated thoughout the Parish, has now been installed outside the Post Office in Rooksbridge. It is hoped that before very long we can have another one installed in the old telephone box at the bottom end of Church Road, East Brent. Watch this Space !!!

Proposed Pilrow Wind Farm

    The planning application No 24/12/00018 by Broadview for a wind farm situated at Pilrow, Rooksbridge has been refused by both East Brent Parish Council and Sedgemoor District Council Planning Department. The East Brent Parish Council objects to the Planning Application No 24/12/00018 for the following reasons:- 1. Visual Impact. We believe that the application is contrary to paragraphs 6.40 & 6.57 of the Sedgemoor Landscape Assessment and Countryside...


The Provision of Sandbags in Emergencies

  The Parish Council has purchased two 400 litre green coloured storage bins. They are located at the top end of Church Street, on the small car park adjacent to the Church Office.   There is a quantity of sand in each one, together with empty sand bags and shovels with which to fill them.   These supplies are to be used by local residents ONLY if there is a possibility of inundation of their homes by flood water.   The contact details of the Parish...


Recent Flooding Event

Representatives of the East Brent Parish Council (EBPC), together with those of Brent Knoll Parish Council, met the members of the Axe Brue Drainage Board and Parrett Internal Drainage Board and various other statuary organisations, on Thursday 17th January 2013. The flooding problems experienced by both villages were discussed at length together with possible solutions. A further meeting is being arranged for representatives of the EBPC and the Drainage Board...


An Important Message From The Parish Council

East Brent Parish Council   Rhyne, Ditch or Drain Survey   Dear Parishioner,   We have taken the unusual step of circulating all households in the Parish for we need your help.   You will be aware, we are sure, of the recent flooding event experienced in East Brent. This was caused obviously by the excessive rainfall that we have experienced over the past few months; but a contributory factor, in one place, was a restricted or blocked culvert...


Environment Agency Guide to Living Alongside Watercourses

Living on the Edge This is the 4th edition of the long running booklet on riverside/waterside ownership. It has been updated to reflect changes in the law on powers and local flood risk management, guidance on culverts and other riverside/waterside topics are included.


Faster Broadband for East Brent

Update For much more information on how the Broadband roll-out is progressing, visit www.Burnham-On-Sea.com  and search for 'High-speed fibre broadband Web access launches in Burnham On Sea.   Contact details for all enquiries: Coast Communications Office: 01752 847135  Email: info@coastmarcoms.co.uk       Local         Register your Interest   Visit Connecting Devon...


Community Public Access Defribrillator - UPDATE

Last month we published details of the Community Public Access Defribrillator. http://eastbrentparishcouncil.org.uk/content/53/community-public-access-defibrillatot-cpad I am delighted to say that through the promise of generous donations from several local businesses and individuals, we have already raised over £2000 from businesses located within East Brent, Rooksbridge and Edingworth for the Community Public Access Defibrillator Fund.  I would like to thank all those...


Community Public Access Defibrillator (cPAD)

“In the UK alone, figures show that approximately 200 people per day suffer a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Moreover, British Heart Foundation statistics show that for every minute that passes, the chances of survival decrease by 14%. AEDs need to as common as fire extinguishers in all public places and work environments because they are equally as important when saving lives. The Community Heartbeat scheme is fantastic and should be held up as the gold standard for community defibrillation...


Neighbourhood Policing Team

BRENT AREA NEIGHBOURHOOD POLICING TEAM CONTACT DETAILS PC 3102 Ryan Dinham. Mobile: 07825125107  Email: ryan.dinham@avonandsomerset.police.uk PCSO 9613 Pauline Dixon. Mobile: 07825011657  Email: pauline.dixon@avonandsomerset.police.uk PCSO 7703 Tracey Grobbeler. Mobile: 07824519243  Email: tracey.grobbeler@avonandsomerset.police.uk BEAT SURGERIES 1st Thursday of each month 2:30pm - 4:00pm in the Church Office, Church Road, East Brent.