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An Important Message From The Parish Council

East Brent Parish Council


Rhyne, Ditch or Drain Survey


Dear Parishioner,


We have taken the unusual step of circulating all households in the Parish for we need your help.


You will be aware, we are sure, of the recent flooding event experienced in East Brent. This was caused obviously by the excessive rainfall that we have experienced over the past few months; but a contributory factor, in one place, was a restricted or blocked culvert (Rectory Close).


In this vein we would like to ask everyone in the Parish to look at any rhynes, ditches or drains that are in their immediate vicinity. If you think that they might be blocked or restricted then would you please contact us, by 28th February 2013, via the Parish Council Clerk:-


Mr Martin Shobbrook on: 01278 421210 or visit




However, we would remind you that if any rhyne, ditch or drain (in whole or part) is your property boundry, then you may have some responsibility for it under 'Riparian Ownership'


The Environment Agency have a publication entitled 'Living On The Edge' which explains your riparian responsibilities. Details of this booklet can be seen if you visit:


www.environment-agency.gov.uk or telephone 0870 8506506.


Yours faithfully,





Edward Champion,

Chairman, East Brent Parish Council .