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Planning Application No 24/16/00010

Full Planning Permission
Land (2) at, Prospect Farm, Strowlands, East Brent, Highbridge, TA9 4JH
Variation of condition 11 of Planning Permission 24/16/00004 to remove " b) The holiday lodges shall not be occupied by the same person or family for more than 3 months in any 12 month period. "
Case Officer:
Sharon Houlet
Registered Date:
Prospect Farm Holidays Ltd
Applicant Address:
Prospect Farm Cottages Strowlands East Brent HIGHBRIDGE TA9 4JH
Pichler Planning Consultancy
Agent Address:
60 Bowring Close Exeter EX1 3TU
Consultation Start Date:
Earliest Decision Date:
Committee or Delegated:
Committee Date:
Not Applicable
Refuse Planning Permission
Decision Date:
 Conditions and Reasons
Condition 11 of Planning Permission 24/16/00004 is considered essential to make the approved development acceptable and to fully meet the objectives of Policy D12 of adopted Core Strategy. In the absence of any overriding justification, this application to remove the requirement that occupation by any person or family should be limited to three months in any twelve month period would reduce the clarity and certainty of the Council's expectation and objectives for holiday accommodation. Such expectation and objectives are essential in ensuring that the holiday accommodation is genuinely used for tourism purposes by ensuring a steady through put of shorter term visitors that will maximise economic benefits, whilst deterring occupation by a small number of individuals or families using them as second homes. The application is therefore contrary to Policy D12 of the adopted Sedgemoor Core Strategy.