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Planning Application No 24/14/00017

Type: Full Planning Permission

Applicant: Brilliant Harvest 009 Ltd

Proposal: Application to vary condition 11 of Planning Permissison 24/14/00007 to remove reference to a time limit of 25 years, condition 11 to read;'In the event that the development ceases to operate and/or the generation of electricity stops for a continuous period exceeding 6 months (except for maintenance purposes), all development associated with the hereby approved solar park including all solar panels/arrays, supporting structures, transformers, switch gear, inverters, substations, overground cabling, hard standings, road/tracks and fencing shall be dismantled and removed from the site and the land restored to its former condition, within 3 calendar months of operation ceasing. It is not a requirement of this condition for any planting or landscaping to be removed'.

Case Officer: Chris Gomm

Approved By EBPC 7/7/2014