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Planning Application No 24/14/00010

Registered Date: 30th April 2014

Type: Full Planning Permission

Applicant: Mr R Collins

Location: Land to the East of, Mill Batch Farm, Bristol Road, East brent, Highbridge

Proposal: Formation of 8m high bund and raising adjoining ground level by 1m

Case Officer: C Arnold

Approved by EBPC 19/5/2014 with the following reccommendation: There is some concern over the subject of traffic generation. Because of the nature of the development there will be a large increase in the number of slow moving and possibly muddy vehicles entering and leaving the site entrance. Given that this entrance is on the A38, South of the bridge over the motorway with a 50MPH speed limit, it is felt that there must be a Traffic Management Plan to cover ALL traffic movements together with movement schedules.

Approved by SDC.