East Brent Parish Council

Hinkley Point C Connection - Ground Surveys in East Brent Parish

Over the past six years we have carried out numerous surveys and tests along the proposed route of the Hinkley Point C Connection, which have provided important information about the environment and ecology of the area.  As we set out in our DCO application, we now need to carry out further surveys and tests, which will tell us more about the ground conditions on the route and inform the detailed design of the 400kV overhead line, 132kV underground cables, and the temporary access roads for construction. They will also enable us and our contractors to produce more accurate forecasts and help to drive value for UK consumers, who will pay for the project through their energy bills.


Starting in mid-March 2017, our contractors will carry out two different types of surveys; boreholes and trial pits.  These are both detailed investigations of the soil to determine the composition, contamination, strength and water content.   A borehole survey involves drilling around 15-30m deep and extracting a core of soil and rock.  Trial pits are approximately 1m deep and up to 2m wide and 2m long. In both cases we will take away samples of the excavated material for testing and analysis, and reinstate the land.


We will be carrying out surveys at around 90 locations along the route, of which seven of these will be in your parish.  The surveys will take approximately six to eight weeks to complete, but we will only be at each borehole location for two to three days, and at each trial pit location for approximately one day.  


We are currently finalising exact locations and a programme of work and will forward this information on to you when it is available.


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