Welcome to East Brent Parish Council Website.

Our Objective in designing this website was twofold.  Firstly The Parish Council wanted to create a website that informed all parishioners and interested parties of the work of the council and to make more readily available public documents which had previously only been available as hard copies upon request.

Secondly, we wanted to create a wider community site where organisations within the parish could also provide information about the work that they undertake.  We hope that this section of the website will grow and provide feedback to the parish council and inform future decisions to be made.

We also hope that organisations within the parish will find it a useful resource to  enable them to broadcast the voluntary work that they are undertaking within the community.

If you would like your village organisation to be included within the website please email webadmin@eastbrentparishcounil.org.uk

The website was created under the direction of a sub committee of The Parish Council, I should like to thank the committee for their hard work in creating what I hope parishioners will find a useful resource.

All parishioners in the villages of East Brent, Rooksbridge and Edingworth are stakeholders in our community and we would welcome comments on how we can improve the website.

Please email The Clerk at theclerk@eastbrentparishcouncil.org.uk with any feedback that you might have.

I do hope that you find our website helpfull and informative.  

Chairman, East Brent Parish Council.




Speed Indicator Device.

East Brent Parish Council will be purchasing a Speed Indicator Device (S.I.D.) in the very near future.

This sign/device, when mounted at any one of the various Somerset County Council Traffic Department approved locations on a rotational basis, will advise motorists of their vehicle speed and provide data to help monitor traffic.  

The Parish Council is looking for a small number of volunteers to help with this project. The help required will be limited to mounting and demounting the sign/device at these various locations approximately twice per month. Volunteers will, however, be required to attend a short ½ day ‘working on the roadside’ course, run locally and paid for by the PC.

If you would lke to volunteer or require more information, please email the Parish Clerk on: